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    Software Distribution Policy + Query = Uninstall/Reinstall/Uninstall/Reinstall


      Uggh, maybe I'm missing something.  I have some systems that seem to have Microsoft Visuall C++ Redistributable 2005 uninstalled.  I have no idea why this happened, but I figured I could fix it using LANDesk.  So I made a quick little query that checks to see if anyone has "Client Access v6.1" installed but not the 2005 C++ redistributable.  The query returned back a half dozen systems.  I made a policy install that would push out to these systems.  The problem is, as soon as they check in and get the software installed, they no longer return true to the query, and then LANDesk will uninstall the software after the next policy check!!!  UGGHH!!!  Then they will return true to the policy again, and the software will get reinstalled, and removed, and reinstalled, and removed, etc etc etc.


      I guess the better question is, how do I make a software distribtion task target all of the computers that don't have it installed already, and not have it remove the software after it installs it?  They way I figure it, I can do this one of four ways...


      1.     Install the software using a push.  This is fine, except that I don't want to have to track down off/gone computers.  I would have to set it to repeat, since this is an ongoing problem.

      2.     I could remove the uninstall association for this software.  Not a bad idea, but it seems to be against best practices.

      3.     I could use Patching to do this.  Not a horrible choice, but it would require a lot more work than just a quick software query to accomplish my goal.

      4.     Manually copy my query results into the task so that they wont get removed when they no longer resolve in the query.  This would give me everything I want, except it would require manual intervention.


      Anyone else run into this and have any advice?

      (I'm running 9.0 SP2)

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          Ascott860 Specialist

          We had the same sort of issue where I work. When we first rolled out LANDesk we thought the uninstall association was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Come to find out there is not enough control over it. One thing could go wrong and you could end up having uninstalls go off on thousands of machines. So we in the end got rid of them. I think the uninstall association would be awesome, but only if it were able to be manually triggered by the LANDesk system administrator. Its a very dangerous setup, if I am you, and I was at some point, I get rid of those associations. You will still have the uninstall packages and can use them when you want to use them.