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    New Attribute Not Appearing


      Hi there,


      I have a couple of questions regarding our With 3rd Party window and how best to develop it further as I've encountered a few issues with this.


      The Goal: To add 1-2 new simple text fields to this window that will show additional information on the selected supplier; the supplier is selected on the same window via a drop-down field. We'd also like the ability to associate a series of attachments to each supplier so that they're somehow visible and usuable on the With 3rd Party window when a supplier is selected, although I'm not sure if that that one will be possible in the way we want.


      The Problem: When I create a new attribute under the Supplier object in object designer (Object Designer > System > Company > Supplier) such as a simple string attribute, it'll show up fine in object designer but when expanding the 'Supplier' object shown on the 'With 3rd Party' window in Window Manager the new attribute is no where to be found, please see below:


      With 3rd Party Window.JPG


      I'm sure there's something obvious I'm missing here, any clues?


      Thank you