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    Use LANDesk to perform McAfee ePO functions


      We were wondering if anyone out there has set up LDMS to perform some of the same functions as McAfee's ePO server?


      I am aware of the ability to scan for virusscan last update date, version, etc, but we would like to know if anyone has been able to aggregate VirusScan logs and/or alerts via LDMS (or LDSS)?


      Thank you for your consideration.



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          I know our Security Specialist uses LANDesk to deploy and/or update the McAfee frame package (spelling?).  On his request I scan for several reg entries using LANDesk Custom data fields.  We do this as a cross-reference between LD and McAfee as a quick way to find things like duplicate McAfee GUIDs from techs forgetting to remove old records or swapping hard drives from one box to another and not telling aybody etc.  I'm not sure if we're using it for anything else, but just about anything's possible with the LD toolsets.  I'm not terribly familiar with the inner workings of ePO, but there has to be a reason why we're deploying the frame package with LANDesk instead of ePO.