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    Knowledge Search not working in Service Portal


      I just got my knowledge search working in the console with the help of support, but now I am trying to get it to work within the Service Portal with no luck.

      I've already made sure to include "All Knowledgeable Resources" but I get absolutely zero results.


      I've set TPS Logging to All under the Service Portal directory to see if Im getting any strange messages but Im not getting any.  It also doesn't appear that I can log "FreeTextSearch" or "Backgroundprocessing" in the Service Portal directory.


      I have however setup FreeTextSearch logging as All under my Touchpaper.Framework.Web.732 directory and find it logs a file each time I do a search within the console, but not within the Service Portal.  Im wondering if this is an indication of something being setup incorrectly.


      I've made sure the FreeIndex path is the same in all my tps.config files on my web server.


      Any help would be appreciated.