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    IIS process recycler advice for decdicated windows 2003 web server


      I am running a dedicated Windows 2003 Server with IIS6 as a web server for Service Desk 7.3.2.


      Over time I noticed the available physical memory had reduced from 2GB to 200mb, after a server restart that available physical memory was back at 2GB free again.


      Before restarting the server I noticed the w3p server process, was consuming over 2GB of RAM.


      On the application Pools for Landesk Service Desk the Recycle worker processes options are all unticked, as advised by a Landesk consultant.


      Could anyone tell me there expericences and configs of application pools? is it not prudent to set a maximum virtual memory limit when a IIS worker processes wil be be recyecled therefore preventing the memory issue in the first instance?


      Any feedback would be appreciated.

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          For production I'd leave them unchecked so people don't see a performance hit each time the worker process gets recycled. Depending on the number of users, 2G for the worker process might be  fairly reasonable.  I have sites where the average is 3G, but they have  lots of users.   If memory continues to climb, and depending on your version, there *may* be some memory creep going on.  I'm not sure LANDesk would agree with that very general statement, but if you are on an older version, it might be prudent to look at an upgrade or make enquires of your local support team for any issues on the system you are running.


          But as I said, 2G is pretty OK for a small/medium sized system.  .NET apps love memory and will generally consume about 60% of available memory if the demand is there to use it.