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    Push policy pour performance issue?



      I'm currently attempting to deploy Office 2007 using a push policy. I've tried both a web and UNC based package and even with the default emergency distribution method, the package downloads to the sdmcache like it's on a highly contended broadband connection rather than the 100MB/s Ethernet LAN environment that we have in place. Copying files to and from the softwaredist share and general server performance is A-OK! Duplex settings on the core server have been forced / no difference. Any help would be appreciated. It's taking circa 1 hour to download the installation files before failing the installation anyways. I'm following the following Office Deploy thread;






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          zman Master

          I never knew this so look at rhyous response on this thread about sdclient being slow on copies.   Sdclient slow copies






          Wonder if this could also be the case here? I also know there is an issue with Mcafee and slowness with larger CAB files (expandind and scanning). This slows us down in our shop.

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            Can you please point me in the direction of how I might add that to an exe package? Would I need to create a custom soft dist package or script for sdclient? Currently, I have merely selected the setup.exe and added the additional files etc. but I'm quite keen to see if there's a possibility of adding the /runfromsource



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              Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

              First, I have never been happy with the settings in the Emergency Failsafe distribution.  It is a multicast and is slow.  Not something you would use in an emergency.


              The question I have to ask is this:  Do you need bandwidth management?  Do you need to slowly get the files to the agents? 

              If not, create your own delivery method and choose "Run from source".  Then in the Distribution Package remove all additional files (probably you should have a Distribution Package with no additional files for when you want to use run from source and and one with additional files for when you want to download from source).


              Second, is your Office 2007 and administrative share? If so, "Run From source" is pretty much your best option.

              Or Just the files from the CD? If so, then download from so won't be so bad, but it will still be slow.


              You cannot use that /runfromsource switch with a Distribution Package, you simply choose Run From Source in the Delivery Method under Network Usage.


              Basically what Run from source says is to just run the MSI from the share and let the MSI download the files it needs as fast as if you went to Start | Run and run the MSI from the share.


              Try not to take you network down or take you share server down by deploying a Run from source of Office 2007 to 1000 nodes at once.

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                zman Master


                One thing I have to get off my dead @ss and try is to use LANDesk TMC and Microsoft's Precache option for 2007. I think should work.  Precache and installation on a workstation, place the cached files on our distribution shares (see if there are any reg keys it creates to), Use TMC to distribute it out,  then run the setup later so it will pull mainly form the local drive.  I think theoretically this should work  Next week I will try and publish the results.Does this sound feasible?






                Here is a link to PreCache 2007



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                  MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup


                  Just found this thread.  Did you ever get any results on this?



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