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    Creating an Automatic Windowless Action


      I'm creating a new process and would like to be able to create an automatic windowless action to progress the process to an end stage after a duration of 1 week where the process has remained on a particular status, does anyone know if this is possible?




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          yes.  I have use this to wake up a process that has been on hold for more than a certain length of time.  Add your windowless action in the process to take you to the point you want and you DON'T grant the rights to that action to general analysts.  Instead you run a scheduled job that picks up the process using a query that generates the right list.  In your case, you'd need to make sure there was an action that took you to your holding state that has the create date on the action so you can write a query that looks for that older than 7 days or whatever and the status being your holding state.  Then the action run is the windowless one you created and away you go.


          I tend to run such jobs daily, but if you wanted greater granularity, use hourly.  Make sure you put in some housekeeping on the scheduled jobs log too!

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            That's really helpful, thank you very much!

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              I've been trying to set this up this morning, but when I try and create a scheduled job to run an action on my query, I have no available actions to choose from, it just says "Amend attribute values" in the drop down, I might be doing something stupid...??!?

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                Lara Hellman SupportEmployee

                Hi NIc,


                Are you sure that the User you're logging in as has privileges to do the actions on the results list? Are you sure that the query you're using is based on an IPC object (rather than Note or Closure for example), finally, if you run the query normally, do you get a list of actions available to execute on all results?