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    Problem with Packages and Batch file




      i've got a problem.

      I'm working with the Management Suite 9 and Managment Console.

      I've created an batch package. Before i've created the batchfile with 3 lines. And this batchfile i included into the package in LANDesk.


      The batchfile consist of

      1. line --> program installation (office 2010)

      2. line --> Activation of this program

      3. line --> set a registry key


      I created a task. But everytime LANDesk always installed only the program --> it uses only the first line, the 2. and 3. line never works

      I've also tried the /adminfile from Office 2010 an there the activation after the installation, but it is the same appearance --> it only installed the program and no activation!


      What can be the problem?





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          We have deployed Office 2010 pro and std using LANDesk to run a batch file which copies office to the machine, installs and removes the local files.


          Heres how we have done it


          Create the MSP (Admin tool) file. (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc179097.aspx)

          -On the appshare create a folder called office2010pro - copy the contents of the office2010pro CD\image into it

          -Open a cmd line and run the setup with a /admin on the end (setup.exe /admin) - this will open the admin tool

          -Configure the settings you want in the admin tool (i.e.product code, user name, org name, reg keys, shortcuts etc)

          -Save the ADMINTOOL.MSP file into the updates folder (found in the office2010pro folder you have created on the appshare)


          Create an install file

          We use AutoIT to run the majority of our scripted installs, we then convert them into exe's and push that out via landesk.

          The script

          -copies the folder on appshare to c:\temp\

          -runs the c:\temp\office2010pro\setup.exe (you do not need to add anything to this as it automatically uses the admin file saved in the update folder)

          -waits for the action to complete and then removes the temporary c:\temp\office2010pro folder.


          Repeat for Office2010pro


          We chose to do it this way because it is quicker to copy the files to the machine using windows, than it is to use landesk to copy the files individually from the appshare.  The LANDesk method took us upwards of 30 minutes, our method takes 5 minutes to complete.


          Hope this helps


          Dave H

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            Hi DBZF,

            Like Dave said, the adminfile works best.  What we ended up doing with our deployment was using an executable install and had LANDesk copy the files to SDMCACHE.  Then as a command line for the package we ran:


            /adminfile "c:\program files\landesk\ldclient\sdmcache\packages\office2010\updates\OfficeCustom.MSP"


            I couldn't get our office package to install properly without adding that command in to point the MSP file.

            If you added in information about activating to your MSP file and your office install isn't doing that properly, it sounds like it may not be running the msp file.