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    Problems with SDClient.exe in version 9.0 Sp2


      Hi Everyone,


      I'm a bit 'old school' and therefore like to do everything via batch files, this has worked well until we upgraded to version 9.0 Sp2. I now have a problem which should be easy to replicate using the following command:-


      "C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\sdclient.exe" /E /Ac /EXE /P="C:\windows\notepad.exe"


      This fires up notepad and runs it under the system account but the problem is that when Notepad is shut down it fire up again!
      This does not happen if the agent version is 8.8


      I also have another issue which may be related, basically alot of my batch files are delivered as self extracting EXE's in order for messages to be displayed to teh logged on user. I have never had much success getting LANDesk to deliver a batch file and display the batch file as it runs. It only ever runs totally silently.


      Finally my batch files quite oftern use SDclient rather than the standard windows MSIEXEC installer, this worked fine with 8.8 but I'm now finding that quite oftern the batch file will run but any lines that use SDClient have not actually ran. (I don't know whether it has something to do with SDclient actaully running SdClient!)