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    Install 64 bit server OS and Upgrading DB to 7.4

    bcarr Apprentice

      Hi All,


      We are currently running Servicedesk 7.4 on a single MS 2003 Server (32 bit).  I would like to (initally) upgrade our test enviroment to 7.4


      I understand that a 64 bit OS is the recommendation for LANDesk web servers. So I assume I will need to build a new 64bit OS, install SQL and somehow copy over the exisiting datbase and install/covert to 7.4.  I am able to build the server but am concerned with how I would copy over the database and upgrade it to 7.4?


      For this test, I plan to use a singler server - Considering it will be 64 bit will there be any issues with this?


      Is there any documentation to follow or any advice you could give me please?!


      Many Thanks