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    Text is overwritten when selecting Category

    Adam Wilden Expert

      Hi Folks,


      This is driving us mad!  And any help is very gratefully received!


      We have created a new category object on Incident called "Template",  which basically has a title and a template-text field.  When a user selects a Template category it uses a Business copy rule to populate the main call field with common information (copied from the template-text field).


      For example,  a Template category for "Account Issue" will populate the call details with, say, "User called about an acount issue, we did the following:"


      Service Desk staff would then fill in the remaining call details saving time and allowing us to prompt them for certain info.


      The copy itself works great.


      However when they then go on to select a standard category for the call it re-triggers the copy rule set against the new Template category  and wipes out anything they have typed.


      We can't see why - the default category field shouldn't affect this at all - it has no copy functionality set and no rules.


      We've tried recreating this several times, and always, when selecting a standard category it behaves this way.


      Has anyone any thoughts?  Or alternatives?


      Many thanks as always.

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          A puzzle indeed.  Assuming the usual exit/iisreset doesn't help, is there maybe a copy to property set on category which is causing something else to happen?  I'd make sure both the copy related and copy related object properies are false on the main category.  Also are you really using the window you think you are?  If another window rules is there for an administrator, it may have some of these options set/not set that are different to the regular analyst window.

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            Adam Wilden Expert

            Cheers Dave,


            Yes, the more we look at it the stranger it gets.  We know we are on the same window as we've only added it to the one.  And we are doing an IISReset and restarting after each change.


            If we create a brand new text field on the Incident object and change the Template copy rules to copy to that, the text in the new field is still refreshed when the main category is selected.


            We have no copy settings set on the main category on that (or any) Window, nor rules set on Incident for Category, and the target field is brand new anyway...


            As a further test we created a completely new category object  on Incident with it's own rule copying to another field.  This was also re-triggered when the main category was changed.


            The only conclusion we can come to is that the default Incident category is automatically triggering any copy-rule set on a category object related to the Incident.


            There is a strong business case behind this request so we are going to have to solve it somehow.


            We will be doing more tests over the next day or two to see if we can work out the bahviour or an alternative methodology.


            I'll post any findings.


            Thanks again - Adam.




            Further testing show creating a new category under System rather than Incident - we still get the same behaviour - the copy rule on the new System Category is triggered when the main Incident category is selected.


            If we use a Related list instead of a Category the problem does not occur!  Unfortunately Releated Lists aren't suitable for our purposes (the Service Desk require nested levels) - we used them just as a test to see if it was only a category issue.


            Seems to back up that there is a problem with the default Incident category  automatically triggering any copy-rule set on any category object related to the Incident.

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              Have you looked at the handlers on the errant field?  Maybe something non-standard/dodgy in there?  Time maybe to wrap up the database and send it to those nice people in support.

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                Stu McNeill Employee



                On your copy rule do you have the "always execute rule?" checkbox on or off?  This is what will dictate the rule triggering when other fields are updating.  However even for that to work I would expect you would need "Copy Related" to be set to True on the properties of the main category field on the window design so check that too.

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                  Adam Wilden Expert

                  Hi Folks,


                  Dave, I'm not sure what the handlers should be but we've looked at an OOTB category and they are the same as that.


                  Stu's comment led us to a further test which may have resolved things, though we aren't sure why 


                  Although "Always execute" was not on for the new Template, it *was set* for another unrelated rule on the Incident.


                  Replacing this rule with a Calculation seems to have resolved the issue. .  We need to test on Live to make sure which I'll do this evening.


                  Not sure if this behaviour is unique to us (i.e. something stuck in our DB - in the past we have had numerous rules set and removed, including on the main Category though I still can't see a connection).


                  Either way things are looking much more promising!


                  Many thanks for your assistance.


                  Now, if only I can find some way of converting the new category to Soft Delete...  We are on Oracle and haven't managed to convert the existing MS SQL Stored Proc...  We usually get there in the end!



                  Thanks to everyone for your help - all working now.

                  In case anyone else using Oracle needs to change a deletion type I've uploaded our script (to be used at own risk!) to the relevant thread.

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                    always trust the Stu :-)