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    Management Gateway and Mac


      I'm trying to install the Mac Landesk agent on a remote computer. While it says I can successfully retrieve a certificate for the MG, and I can see the certificate in the MG section on the core (and it's not blocked!), whenever I try to run ldscan, it fails with the line "-1 Failed to send scan file to server."


      If I then go into the MG application on the Mac, and press Test, it says this:

         Verbosity: 10

      Config file: /usr/LANDesk/common/cbaroot/broker/broker.conf.xml

          log file: /Library/Application Support/LANDesk/LANDesk.log

              Mode: Connection test

           Gateway IP: <MG IP>

           Gateway DN: localhost


        Connect order: 1

      Testing Management Gateway configuration.

      PostSoapRequest() Initializing remote session with core , as user

      PostSoapRequest() StartSession returned 0

      RequestURL: http:///landesk/managementsuite/core/core.secure/BrokerCertificateRequest.asmx

      PostSoapRequest() Request returned 0

      PostSoapRequest() Write returned 0

      Reading Soap response

      Error CORE responded 401

      HTTPClient exitcode: 0

      PostSoapRequest() FAILED

      --- Begin diagnostics ---

      58:04.982   Using certificate file /usr/LANDesk/common/cbaroot/broker/broker.crt and keyfile /usr/LANDesk/common/cbaroot/broker/broker.key

      58:04.983   Error reading certificate file: /usr/LANDesk/common/cbaroot/broker/broker.crt, error:02001002:system library:fopen:No such file or directory

      58:04.983   Certificate/key unavailable or invalid, attempting OS authenticated communcation

      58:04.983   Attempting managment gateway connection at host localhost and address <MG IP>

      58:04.983   Starting HTTPS session with host <MG IP>, proxy "", and proxy user ""

      58:04.983   Connecting to address <MG IP>

      58:05.217   Waiting for link connection to core through managment gateway

      58:05.217   Begining link request

      58:05.217   HTTPS Request: POST /services/link?org=%2A

      58:05.217   Waiting for match response

      58:05.218   Waiting for HTTPS response

      58:05.304   HTTPS response finished status 201 description Created

      58:05.304   Creating session from client computer through managment gateway to core computer

      58:05.380   Starting long session client

      58:05.535   Match request completed 0 Success

      58:05.535   Link to core successful

      58:05.535   HTTPS Request: POST /landesk/managementsuite/core/core.secure/BrokerCertificateRequest.asmx

      58:05.535   Waiting for HTTPS response

      58:05.613   HTTPS response finished status 401 description Unauthorized


      --- End diagnostics ---

      Connection test results summary:


      Management Gateway connect: SUCCESS

      Link request sent ()

      Core server connect:   SUCCESS

      Request data posted to the Core:   SUCCESS

      Core server responded.

      Core server Authorization failed.  Client certificate missing, or incorrect credentials.


      Test resuls: Test FAILED


      doTestRequest() returning 1

      Connection(1)               Failed

      process() exiting 1

      Connection failed


      Any ideas?