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    LANDesk 9.0 SP2 Question


      Dear All,


      LANDesk has release SP2,

      I've installed LD-SP2-Core to Core Server and reactivate the license,

      LD-SP2-Console is install to PC that have already installed LD management console.

      so LD-SP2-Client is install to all PC that was already install LD agent??????


      if so, can I use software distribution service to batch install to all client from core?


      Waiting for your reply




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          also , I find that if I install Console patch SP2 in my PC,

          it's extremely slow for updating sth.


          Any suggestions?


          my PC got LD 9.0 Console with SP1


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            When apply LD-SP2-Client patch to Client PC, when the applying nearly completed, it prompt an error and the remote desktop function did not success.

            after that I try to apply the patch again, but seems got little difference than last time.


            first time show 8 module for applying.

            second time show 9 module for applying, so strange , and some of the PC can fix the cannot be remoted problem, but some them still failed.

            In console, the pc status have no remote and telescope icon.


            I find that an error will shown during remote the failed PC : Cannot not locate the machine...


            Please help. thanks!



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              There are many files included with LDMS patches usually. LANDesk does not handle the download of many files very well as far as speed goes. The best way to deploy the agent that we have found was to rebuild it as a self contained client installation package. This creates two executables in a directory of your choosing, one with a status ui and one that is silent. We then take the one without status, so that it is a silent install, and create a software distribution package out of that. The next hurdle we have to accomplish is that the agent is not installed in the most efficient way. Many times the inventory scan runs, but does not report the changes back to the core server until we do a reboot and force another inventory scan. I find once we reboot after the agent install, and then we run another full inventory scan we are then able to remote control the PC. And in worse case scenerios we have to reboot the PC yet again after that second full inventory scan. I have brought this up to support. The agent install needs work in a big way.