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    Windows 7 - autorun.dll corrupt




      we are deploying Windows 7 since about 7 months and for some days ago when running an Windows 7 installation I get an error message "The file 'autorun.dl' could not be loaded or is corrupt. Setup cannot continue. Error code is [oxC1]"


      Windows is deployed via unattend answer file. We have different locations with different Server (Linux and Windows). Linux Server are synchronized with rsync, Windows is using DFS. Both server are only used for synchronization.


      However on some locations (with linux server) it is possible to run the installation without any problems. On all tested locations with Windows server i get the error message mentioned above and also on some locations with Linux server, but not on all.


      The last 4 or 5 months there was no change on the W7 source folder, no driver added....


      I also tried to replace the autorun.dll file but the error is stilll available.


      I don't think that there is an error with the dfs or rsync because in that case the installation shouldn't work on any location.


      thanks for any help

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          EMiranda Expert

          Im just throwing a guess out here.  But judging from the screenshot.  You have lots of processes running in your WinPE environment.  Could it be possible that the WinPE does not have enough RAM to process the rest OR the WinPE image needs to be expanded because it is running out of space.