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    Mac Remote Control in LDMS 9 SP2


      We have a problem where we cannot Remote Control Macs that have had their agent upgraded to the LDMS 9 SP2 Agent, we can still remote those Macs that are still on the SP1 Agent.  The latest Mac Rollup has been applied to the Core and Remote Consoles, but any attempt to remote times out after 2 min with an error 'Unable to send a request to the remote computer.'


      Messages in the Mac LANDesk log are:

      ldremote : Broker Transport trying to claim connection.
      ldremote : LongSession returns 0
      ldremote : StartTunnelSession returns 0


      No changes in the Agent Configuration so not sure what is going on, any one got any ideas?

      No problems remote controlling Windows boxes.

      Core on LDMS 9 SP2, Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise 64-bit