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    How to set the reminder detail values dynamically?


      I'm trying to modify a reminder and on the detail's content, I want to set the Image Url and Email Address values based on a system parameter table(which behaves like runtime values ). So if ever we transfer the LANDesk environment to another server, we won't be needing to modify each and every reminder of our processes.


      I'm thinking of placing it to an existing paramter table e.g tps_user_preference or tps_system_preference or should I create a new object:



      autogenWebdesk_email[email protected]






      Please see the attached file for my sample reminder.

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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee



          I might be misunderstanding what your requirement is (sorry if I am!) but I think that the thread below might be of interest to you perhaps:




          Best wishes


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            Hi Karen,


            From what i've understand from the link you've mentioned. there should be a relationship between objects. Is it possbile for me to create an object without any relationship to other objects and can be accessible through all processes e.g Incident and Change Mangement?


            Aside from that, how can I call a specific record or value in that object which can be used in a Reminder or Assignment.



            mail_to[email protected]


            So if I have a reminder:


            Please Login to our help Web Desk Portal: http:\\server\weddesk


            Instead of manully inputing the URL to each reminder, i would like to have a run-time value for it


            Something like this:


            Please Login to our help Web Desk Portal: {ParameterTable\parameter_value}


            For us to easily managed all the changes in the reminders.


            Let me know if my question is confusing, and also, thanks for the initial feedback.

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              gramsay Specialist

              I can think of loads of areas where universal system variables would be of use.


              Lacking that, the solution in the other linked thread seems reasonable.


              A reference list should be created with fields to hold all your parameters. Depending on your own arrangements with users/customers/companies you can add this to the group object. Adding the drop down to the (say) company window will allow you to select a set of parameters for use with that group. Any incident/change etc logged with that group will mean those parameters are available to be used in the process reminders and assignments.


              So the steps would be:


              1. Create a new reference list object

              2. Add extra fields for your parameters (MyPara1, MyPara2, MyPara3, etc.)

              3. Create window for this object

              4. Populate reference list with your parameters, you can have any number of parameter "sets" or just the one.

              5. Add reference list object to the group object.

              6. Edit group window (might be customer or company for instance) to show the parameter drop down.

              7. Select desired parameter "set" for each group.

              8. Modify process to look up the desired placeholders which will now be available something like this:



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                Thanks Graham. I think this would fit.