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    Need to see all software installed on all pcs - Sofware compliance


      Hi - I'm in need of a SQL query which I can run to show me what is installed across my company.

      I have am a SQL DBA and have inherited LanDesk since my arrival to the company in the last couple of months and I need a way where I can run a report to show me EXACTLY the same information which is being displayed with the Software Comlpaince view in the management tool.


      When I view each one, I see different SQL being executed against the server EACH time. I appreciate that some of these filters are for the custom group stuff, however on many occasions there is significantly different SQL being executed for each view.

      I'm confused as to why there is no set piece of SQL which can be run to just show me the installations across the company for ALL software.


      ps 'Match all files' appears to be a pain too!!