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    Service Packs and Custom Drivers



      I recently upgraded to 8.7 Service Pack 5 and following the upgrade, as I expected, all custom drivers I had added to my windows PE image were lost when I deployed the updated files to my PXE reps.



      Expecting this, I did backup the PXE folder in C:\Program Files\Landesk so that I had the old WinPE images. 



      My question is this: 



      Is there any way to preserve these so they do not have to be added every time I install a service pack?






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          SP5 should create a backup of ldvpe1.img in the ldmain directory. The file will be ldvpe1.bak. So this should take care of overwriting the WinPE image file.


          My only concern is that there may be new enhancements to WinPE image in the future, but you won't be able to take advantage of those unless you start over with injecting drivers into the image.

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            If this is an important issue for you, I can submit an enhancement request to our engineering team to store customizations to the WinPE image outside of the image. I think it would be a good idea to keep those separate, then when a new WinPE image is copied to the core, the customizations could be re-applied.


            If that interests you, please email me with your organization's information at this address:

            [email protected]

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              I would love to see this separate, as some storage drivers I have dealt with have required me to manually modify files within the PE image, which I would rather not have to do every time I patch the box.  I was concerned that I might break something by replacing the new file with the old. 



              I think long-term, keeping the custom drivers separate so they can survive updates makes sense.   I think others would agree that this is a great idea.