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    SQL Server Update-Affects on Service Desk and Management Suite?

    JesseCar Apprentice

      Has anyone been through the following scenario- We are going to update our SQL server from Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition OS with Windows SQL 2005 to Windows 2008 SP2 Enterprise OS with Windows SQL 2008 R2. This server houses our LD Service Desk and LD management suite databases. Has anyone encountered any odd things when transferring the databases? Will passwords be an issue? User logins at database level? I have already tested the live database on our test environment and it works. Meaning we can login to the system with service portal and the desktop client. Any information will be greatly appreciated. I will also post this on the LANDesk management suite discussion area as I am not too familiar with the application and its setup.


      Documentation list windows 2008 Enterpirse x64 bit, does this include R2 for OS and SQL or do I have to wait till 7.4 update?

      Our setup is using 3 servers.

      APP server, Web server and SQL server. Other servers will stay at windows 2003 R2.