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    Calculations and fields




      I want to use calculations to reset a couple of field used as parameter fields. The fields are in a later automatic action sent to a to  a child incident from a parent incident ( Value type). After this operation I want to set the parameter fields to "null" to be able to use them again.


      Calculation like this operate on the parameter field Deadline:

      After read or Before save ( triggered by the field Lastupdate)


      import System

      static def GetAttributeValue(Change):

      Deadline = null

      return Deadline


      2 things happen:


      1. The DeadLine field is set to mandatory in the window. After the calculation is set the mandatory colour (red) disappears.


      2. If I dekete the field on the window and put it back again the field will be ReadOnly.


      The only way to get round this is to:

      - take the calculation of the object attribute

      - Delete the field from the window and put i back again


      After this operation put the calcultion back on the object and it will work. BUT the nandatory colour disappears...



      Does anybody know a way to accomplish this in another way or a solution?