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    LDMS 9 sp2 Provisioning Stalling Win 7 x64

    shanksinio Apprentice

      Hi all,


      I've been using OSD to deploy our Win7 image for year or so now with no issue.


      The Image is sysprepped etc and all the drivers are fully functional.


      I am now trying to incorporate some software deployment post OSD using provisioning. Seems simple enough... I created a template to deploy the image, install the agent and finally install the software packages required. However, I don't ever get past the image deployment phase.


      The image deplosy fine and sysprep runs but after the machine boots up and auto logs in using a local admin account nothing happens. If I look at the task it says 'Working' 'Policy has been made available'. If I look at the provisioning template history it seems to be stalled at 'Config Target OS'.


      If I look on the root of C the ldprovision folder exists but with only 2 files inside.


      Does anyone have any ideas? I can ping the core and the image is sound as we have been using it for over a year.