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    PB with HII in provisionning (download UNC)


      Hi all


      Just migrated on LDMS9. I try the provisionning learn in training.


      So all it works, but one problem : The HII does'nt download the drivers if UNC method.


      If i dont check this, no problem in http, but extremely slow.


      How to work UNC drivers download in HII ?


      Thanks for all.

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          bhadzik Apprentice

          Have a look at this enhancement request:




          it isn't http being slow, it is sdclient checking the file that is slowing it down. Make sure to go vote the ER up to get them to change it.

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            Sorry but nothing at this link...


            In Http, I have all the tree and files (but slow, you tell me on a enhancement request)

            In UNC, I have the tree of directory but no file in.


            Why UNC does'nt work on HII download ?



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              bhadzik Apprentice

              Make sure to login first, or you can't see any ideas. Mike Temple just posted saying that they have created a post SP2 patch, and it will be included in SP3.

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                Sorry but i have nothing in this Idea

                Others ideas doesn't work too..


                I hope to download this patch soon

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                  The OP is in my position; he can't see the enhancement requests forum.  Neither one of us is in the club.


                  -I used to be in the club, but last fall when the forum was revamped I got booted out.  How do we get back in?

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                    in response to the OP, SP2 caused HII to break and we had to UNCHECK the UNC option within the HII provisioning action.  It was terribly slow as everyone realizes.  Since then we have applied a rollup patch




                    it allowed us to go back to UNC copies with HII and the speed issue was resolved.  HII is now fast again.


                    The downside is that this patch broke provisioning whereby provisioning decides to carry on with itself before our imaging tool has a chance to lay down the image.  This is a real problem because we have to use muliple provisioning templates to get a single machine imaged; it really backs up the process with needless delays.


                    anyway, there is a fix for this problem but it might cause something else to stop working as it did for us.


                    here is what this rollup is supposed to fix:


                    CRs CONTAINED IN ROLLUP

                    52224 PROV_SCHEDULE cannot cope with more than a single task launched at the same time, throwing a LOG4NET error/exception.
                    52397 HII - Error adding a manufacturer with special character such / (forward slash).
                    52423 HII fails to copy the driver files to the client machine. The UNC path sent to sdclient is invalid.
                    52469 HII driver downloads are extremely slow. In some cases it takes longer for the driver files to download than to apply the image.
                    52546 Image restores fail if drive H and I are already mapped.
                    52565 When attempting to configure a provisioning distribute software action, any package with dependent packages does not show up in the dropdown.
                    52580 Error "Object reference not set to the instance of an object" when navigating PXE Representative group.
                    52658 Unable to provisioning vboot x64 machines with the new provisioning vboot action.
                    52748 Execute File action does not work when using a drive letter to a mapped drive.
                    52752 Deploy Image action using GHOST32.EXE fails if the image path has a space.
                    52782 Preferred Server option in OSD script does not pull from preferred server.
                    52820 User name with '!' cannot be used with an agent configuration action
                    53171 OSD scripts (INI and XML files) are rewritten when a user logs into a remote console.
                    53531 Scheduled task status is inconsistent with Provisioning Tasks. Tasks will show waiting, active or pending when the provisioning histroy shows tasks are complete.
                    53431 Could not find tag response during SWD actions in system configuration.


                    good luck

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                      Hi AspenSkier,


                      Great !!


                      But where to find the patch to download ?


                      I would like to test it.



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                        you need to ask support for it; I think they would get pissy if I redistributed their patches.


                        ...besides they have not been responsive to my requests for them to fix the stuff that got broken with this rollup, my fear would be that they would have no interest whatsoever if I posted the rollup here.  I need them to fix what they broke so...

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                          Ok no problem


                          I understand !


                          So you think I'm very bad but what can I do to contact support ? Sorry lol

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                            go to the root of the landesk user community and look in the lower LEFT corner for:


                            Smart Self-Service Portal


                            you should be able to click on that and open a new case; be sure to specifically ask for the patch by name; don't forget to ASK ABOUT any fixes for the problem I've been experiencing with this patch.  It won't do you a lot of good to fix one problem and break something else.


                            I'd rather have a very slow HII process and still have a functioning provisioning process than what I have today.  I want to remove this patch but I don't know how.


                            good luck