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    Windows activation message breaking Provisioning process


      I have a Windows 7 64bit Provisioning process that I am getting ready to move to production.


      Today it stopped working.  I restarted it again and watched to see where it failed.

      After the CTOS step, the computer reboots.  At this point the Unattend.xml file is supposed to continue on and do the Sysprep and then reboot (followed by the remaining Provisioning tasks).


      The stupid Windows Activation message comes up and prevents the Sysprep from starting. If I click OK on the message, sysprep starts, but by then other steps in my script have started and it messes up.


      My base image is in Audit mode, but is now a few weeks old.  Is there a way to keep this from popping up?



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          I am going to attach the template include that we are using;  it is included in our deployment templates and is set to run in the SYSTEM CONFIGURATION steps of the template.  Essentially it uses CSCRIPT.EXE to call the SLMGR.VBS script and it includes a switch that supresses dialog boxes and forces WIN7 activation using the product key that was entered during sysprep.


          Personally, I like having most things outside of my UNATTEND.XML file so that it is easy to turn them on/off as desired.  I generally don't activate my clients until I know that i have my deployment template working correctly, and so I wait to include THIS template until the very end.


          I hope this helps.