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    Performance and process complexity

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      I know ALM has known issues that result in complex processes (especially processes that use more than a few conditions) to take inordinately long to execute.  One of my colleagues has proposed a modification to our Incident process that would require the addition of 20 decisions hanging off a single Add Note action and 20 Assignment actions, one for each decision.  It's an ugly hack but the elegant solution would require additional links with ALM and I won't have time to set it up for another few months.


      Before I approve the hack I wanted to see whether anyone knew of performance concerns as process complexity rises.  The process has just over 100 elements right now.

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          The number of decisions in a row can be a problem, depending on the version you have.  Somtimes you cannot save the process if you have too many.  If the process saves, I haven't issues running the result, but I'd certainly advise seeing if your version can save the string of decisions first.