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    Querying on raise user dept does not reflect whats on window


      So the Raise User attribute is on my incident window along with Raise User.Deptartment and it accurately reflects the deptarment on the window.


      If I run a query on this Raise User.deptartment I do not get the same results that are shown when I select a name on the Raise User attribute on the window.  Is there something Im missing?


      We'd like to have a query grouped by deptartment of the user who reported the incident if possible but it doesnt seem that we can search on this now even though it shows correctly on the incident window.  I cannot see any query/filter thats set to run on the object.

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          HI William,


          Firstly, which version of Service Desk are you running? 7.2.x will almost certainly be using handlers on the window to populate the Department (Customer) field based on the Raise User selected rather than filters. You can look at which handlers are turned on by opening the window in Window Manager, selecting the Raise User field and looking at the section call ed "Advanced Properties" on the properties of the field.


          Regardless, it seems strange that your query results are returning something different, which object are you basing the query on? Are you definitely looking at the same group relationship from the Raise User object? It's easy to get muddled as you can change the text of a label on a window that makes it look like it's a relationship to something else.


          Perhaps some screenshots would help us to pin down the problem for you?





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            We've got exactly the same issue.


            I've just imported my AD contacts into End User.


            I created 3 fields within End User called NEL title, NEL Department and NEL Organisation.


            I test the import first and the import test is fine. I run the import and it comes back with no errors.


            I then go into the incident window and open up the Raise User record and the 3 bits of info I imported as above is also showing.


            I then start feeling all pleased with myself and go to setup the query. I want to write a query that shows all calls logged and closed in the last 30 days, but they need to be grouped by the NEL Organisation field. I go to add the attribute from Raise User, and it isn't there. Knowwhere to be seen. it's totally confused me, but then it doesn't take a lot when it comes to me doing stuff like this.


            I've got a an incident open with you guys regards this at the minute...00533453




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              I've since got this figured out with the help of support.  The problem was at some point(when I do not recall) a department attribute was created on our End User Object.


              So to show this, we went into Object Designer and opened End User and the list of all attributes was shown and in grey there was a department attribute field, but also one in dark black above.  I believe the names were slightly different but I dont remember how exactly.


              Bottom line is, all the the values in the wrong department attribute needed to be set to Null and then I believe we deleted it and re-mapped the department field from the active directory user object to our End User object.  Re-ran the import and the Raise User department object was working as normal.  We were simply not mapping correctly because of more than one object that was for the same purpose.  The weird thing was, when you would initially put the "Raise User" on the form, the department would populate.  After you saved the ticket and reopened it, department would be empty.


              The temporary fix for me was to use Crystal Reports and map the "Raised User" to "tps_user" and populate the department from the "tps_user" object to get the reports we needed for incidents by department.


              Dave, check what I did....


              You open the ticket and department populates, so then try closing the ticket and reopening and see if its still there.

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                Thanks for the quick response..


                I was iin a similar position what you describe as I didn't know where to import the AD data into, eg department, organisation etc. So I thought the easiest thing would be to actually create 3 attributes on the End User object, named so they started with NEL. This meant that I couldn't mistake which fields to import into.


                the imports have worked fine and show correctly, but the attributes NEL Title, NEL Department and NEL Organisation that all show in the object desginer for End User. When I try to create the query, the 3 attributes I created do not show.


                does that make sense? Sorry if not...



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                  No it makes perfect sense.


                  I think your best bet before you go much further would be to import the departments into the "out of the box" department thats built into User object already.


                  Just to be sure, if you go to End User within Object Designer right now, you see  your "NEL Deptartment" in dark black, the attribute you created?


                  Then you see "Department" in light grey down below that?