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    OptiPlex 980 unable to acquire IP in WinPE


      We are beginning to setup LDMS 9 for our imaging solution, the PXE Representative has been setup and our test PC is able to get to the PXE boot menu and launch into WinPE, however when WinPE is setting up its environment it errors out that it cant acquire an IP Address.


      We are testing on an OptiPlex 980, which is an Intel 82578DM NIC driver.  I have visited the Intel site and downloaded the latest Vista x86 drivers.  I have added these drivers to the WinPE environment, and when I mount the win.boot image I can see that the drivers have been added to the image.


      In the WinPE environment, if I run ipconfig /all in a seperate cmd window, there are no NIC cards listed.


      I have followed the steps to add drivers to the image (http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-8091), and ensured that the DLL, INF, and SYS files have been added to the boot.win file.


      Can anyone offer any advice or suggesstions on what else we can do to diagnose or resolve the problem?