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    Migrating Existing Assets DB to 8.8

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      Currently I am in the process of implimenting LDMS 8.8 and have currently pushed around 50% of the required agents out.



      While this is happening I am also required to migrate our existing Asset database across, so far LD has made the task easy as by default it supplies alot of the information we previously had to enter - Make / Model / Desc / SN etc. I have also been able to add additional fields required by following the online doc-1089 that were not covered, so so far so good.



      I have tested with a limited number of devices using the CsvImport tool which works well, but my question is this - From the user guide i have read data updates only occur one way - ie: During initial inventory scan all the data is updated to the core db, but once i run the csvimport tool to add the additional info to custom registry entries the database is updated - as the data is returned in queries, but is the device itself? Does the custom data i import using the csvimport tool actually get downloaded to the client device?



      Also, is it possible to create a custom inventory display? Currently my basic query works fine, and displays as our existing notes database does, but what i would like to do is have a custom interface when a device is selected, basically helpdesk staff dont require the myriad of available information, they simply want some basic info about the device. Is it possible to create a trimmed down inventory report? Or additionally add fields for the support staff to add comments into etc? Or am i simply on to much of a stretch here and for my requirements need to go to the Asset Manager product?



      Cheers - Ben



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          csvimport is not a good long term solution because scans from the device will overwrite that data. There's a couple of ways to deal with this -- one is to put the data on the device and scan it from there -- a common method is to use a custom data form, or to write the data into the registry. The other is to put the data in an external database table and extend the schema, but Here There Be Dragons. There are some great articles and tools for both approaches here: http://www.droppedpackets.org/inventory-and-slm



          Once the data is in your system, you can use Custom Column Sets to modify your display. The web console column sets are modifiable too, if that's what your help desk uses, but there's some bugs around doing it that way. Cool, I just checked in 8.8, and the design flaw was corrected, so never mind -- column sets are cool in the web console if you're using 8.8.