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    System Query not displaying results after group change


      All,  I have recently been given responsibility for our Lan Desk Service Desk environment, and have been requested to make a few analyst changes.  After changing an analyst's group from "help desk" to "technical", the system generated query to display "My current group ipc workload" currently has no results.


      The criteria for this Query is "AND Current Assignment.Group Is Current Group" AND "Status.IS End Is Equal To (False)" AND "Status.Is Completion Is Equal To (False)"

      When the user was in help desk, the query displayed every open incident where the group assigned was equal to "help desk".  When I modified the analyst's group to technical, I made sure he was set to receive notifications, and "is supervisor" was checked.  The notifications are working properly, but the only problem is that the analyst is unable to see the open tickets within the system Current group workload query, which we leverage by adding to the default window when users sign into the service desk.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if you need further information, please comment.