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      I am trying to employ a LanDesk Administrator for 9.0 in NYC for a media company.

      Is there a thread for that? I read the EULA and there wasn't anything against asking. Please let me know via PM.

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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          I do not think there is a thread for that but I truly think this forum is a great place to post such things.

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            The company I have is a NYC Midtown Media company, specifically interactive media, looking for a Lan Desk admin for 9.0 to own the landesk enivornment for roughly 12 sites, and about 1000 users. They are willing to train someone with 8.X experience. You will have a landesk mentor there. The compensation is very very competitive and an opportunity to work in a high tech progressive environment.
            Please reply in this thread if it is something that makes sense...