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    Windows 7 Backup: built-in or LanDesk imageW + phylock


      Hi together,


      we are currently considering a new backup strategy for our Windows 7 workstations. As I know here are a lot of experts and so I ask:


      What would you do?

      Use the built-in backup  from Windows 7 or work with the Landesk capture image function (including physlock for hot backup) ?

      What are you reasons?


      Workstation backup is giving us a lot of headaches. So I'm grateful for every response.




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          EMiranda Expert

          I find the built-in Windows 7 back very limiting to features when doing Administer level images. If you want to use Microsoft tools, learn ImageX which is the command line version of the bult-in utility which gives you many more options and flexibility to do things you want to do.


          I personally use ImageW to deploy 1 windows 7 image to multiple hardware platforms.  We have 6 models right now and are adding 3 more really soon.  I prefer ImageW (not using phylock) to do my images because the utlity is really easy to use and we do have our own users doing their own imaging and the GUI presentation was a major preference for us.