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    LDISCN32 in WinPE?


      Using LD8.7 --  LDISCNUX did not work on a Linux machine I had, so rebooted the machine to WinPE (Vista version). LDISCN32 failed with a memory error (tried to address memory that could not be read). Does version 8.8 support LDISCN32 in Win PE?

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          Version 8.8 of LDISCN32 appears to launch without error in WinPE - after adding ProcessRunner.DLL to the folder on the USB stick.



          However, though there is no error message, there also is no output. Program seems to just quit without error message






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            In 8.7, when I launch LDISCN32 without switches, it displays possible switches in a GUI help window



            In 8.8 (and with 8.6) it does not even display that help window



            Strange that each version would behave so differently



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              I am trying to run LDISCN32 from a thumb-drive. I have all the "helper" files (at least all that were needed in previous versions) on the thumb drive too.


              NOW I find the 8.8 version will not run in Vista either (besides WInPE) -- Application failed to initialize properly (0x0150002)



              The 8.7 version runs in Vista (but in WinPE, it launches & ends immediately)



              HOWEVER, if I try to "run as Administrator" the CMD file (that launches LDISCN32 with the parameters needed ), it seems to launch & end immediately



              Same results running LDISCN32 without  any switches

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                leffrt SupportEmployee

                What files have you included on your thumb drive and what is the full command you are trying to run?

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                  I am having the exact same error.  It is on a Windows XP box.  The exact same files will run on another XP PC with no issues.



                  The error I get is: The application failed to intialize properly (0xc0150002).  Click on OK to terminate the application.  We tried it from the thumb drive and after we copied the filed to the C drive.



                  It is version 8.8 and here is a list of files that are in the same directory.  There is nothing written to the log file.













                  Here is the command line: C:\Ldiscn32.exe /o=F:\PCName.scn /v /f