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    Is mine bigger then yours? (Provisioning)


      Just started to get into the OSD module and have so far chosen provisioning to deploy images/configurations over OSD. My goal is to load a base image with nothing but windows patches, then deploy about a dozen of applications that go on every machine. These apps include Email client, Office, Anti-Virus, and several Readers/Viewers/Java's.


      Goal Complete:

      So far I have automated the entire process with XP and Windows 7. I have Reboots in between with Autologon enabled.


      I am not done, I would like to add different system confgurations to this base template. My plan is to clone the base template, and add more to it. One of my software suites configurations will include this base image template with the 12 apps by default, but then tack on another 15-20 applications used by our Engineering Department. My real question here is how do people use this module? Am I starting to go too far with provisioning, by having it install up to a possible 30 additional applications in it's routine?


      Any advise appreciated.