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    Using the Bundle Request Process for service catalogue

    keithr Specialist

      I have been testing out the Bundle process and came across some conflicts and questions:


      1) When logging a Bundle Request:  On the request window, "Service Item" attribute is mandatory (within the "Service Required" group box).  Allthough the hierarchy categories may be useful for reporting, I cannot see the value of having an individual service item for a bundled request.  The 'CI Type' and 'Asset' attributes in the "destination" groupbox allow a specific bundle to be selected but these are not mandatory.  Do we need to create a different window for Bundled Service requests where service item is hidden and Type\Asset are mandatory or am I missing something?
      2) The 'list User config Items'  property is set to true on the raise user attribute on the service request window.  This means that even if a bundle or catalogue item has been published to 'everyone', the service catalogue item is not available on the service request window unless that CI has also been linked to the User via the traditional user CI linking.    Are there implications for service requests if this is changed to false or should catalogue items be published and linked to Users?
      3) I created/published a bundle but the process errors when the child requests are being created: "The request has changed status and the action you selected is no longer available, please refresh the window and try again".  The "Is parent a bundle process" checkbox is checked within the process for child requests as per the documentation.
      Any suggestions or feedback appreciated.