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    Patching using Management Gateway


      Is there a way to upgrade the version of LANDesk Client on a workstation on the other side of the Management Gateway using a Scheduled Task/Policy Based Push?

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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          Yes... assuming your clients are already using the gateway ok...


          The one thing I am not positive about and you can test this on any test box, gateway or not, is whether the gateway configuration is removed during an agent re-install!


          To check, configure an agent for the gateway and then check the brokerconfig.exe in the ldclient folder to ensure it works....


          then push a new agent to it and then see if broker config is still working...


          Also there is a way, that I have not done, to add the gateway info to the agent (this should be a built in feature you can select IMHO), you will have to search for that.



          Anyway, if that is all fine, what you do is choose the agent you want, right click, "create self contained agent"


          You need to save this agent on your, not a file share!  Save it to the patch folder if  you want, or create a subfolder in ldlogon.


          Now, create a software distribution job, point to the .exe, set the delivery method to "download files to cache" and make sure you make this a POLICY!


          You cannot "push" via the gateway, the clients must check for policies, and then 'pull' it.

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            Thanks so much for the reply!! You've definitely pointed me in the right direction.


            One question I had is why can my remote (behind the Gateway) users only see what's available when they have an active VPN connection to our network and can resolve the Master Server?  Stupid question probably...


            So will they have to VPN each time to get new software installations?


            Thanks so much!

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              mrspike SSMMVPGroup

              The gateway only allows clients to access the core server itself, thus it can get patches, send inventory and vulscans.


              The software packages usually reside on a server elsewhere.


              There is a way that you can use Virtual Directories in IIS to point to another server, though I believe this is 'unsupported'


              So you have three choices that I know of:


              • Users must VPN in for software
              • Have your packages on your cores
              • Use the Virtual Directory Options
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                Will work on it, and let you know what we find!  Thanks once again for the help!!