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    LD 9 SP2: How to provide user with sufficient rights to add computers to 'Bare Metal Server'


      Dear reader,


      We are experiencing problems with providing users with the correct rights within LANDesk to add computers by themselves to the Bare Metal Server group.


      I have readed several previous topics, and there was stated that the user should be added to the LANDesk Script Writers group on the server. This didn't resolve our problem.

      I've managed to give a user the rights to view the Bare Metal Server devices(by creating a scope based on a query), and the user can rightclick and add devices. But when finished, the device never shows up(not even in my console)

      We've also created a seperate Role(see attachment for the rights that have been checked and unchecked)



      The only way to give the right rights is to give the user Landesk Admin rights, but them can never be the correct way....


      Can somebody give us advice?


      Thanks in advance!