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    Side by side migration to a different service pack version


      Apologies if this is something I should be able to work out for myself but I can't seem to find anything specific about what we want to do in the support documentation or on here.  We're going to be testing this as well but I wondered if it's something that anyone has done before or knows of specific reasons not to do it or problems we're likely to encounter.


      We're replacing our disaster recovery server and are looking at doing a side by side migration of LANDesk Management Suite, Core Server and Web Console Server onto a different server where the current server we are running has version 8.8 SP2 and the new DR server will have 8.8 SP4.  I can see that a side by side migration works fine for upgrading but we may be in a situation where we need to use the DR server for a while and then migrate the db back to the main core server so we have a few questions about the migration and subsequently running the DR server.

      Would we have any issues with running an SP4 core with SP2 Client Agents?  As far as I can tell this should be possible but I don't know if there are known issues with running like this.
      If we switch servers just with a DNS entry change should the SP2 agents scan in to the SP4 database without needing any other changes?
      Are we likely to encounter any problems on switching back to the SP2 server or would we need to upgrade the core server to SP4 should this scenario arise? 
      Are there any other problems with having this setup like this that I haven't thought of?


      I hope this makes sense, please let me know if you need any more information to help with my questions.

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          I'm guessing nobody has an answer to all of the questions so we're starting to test this at the moment.  Any partial answers or people's experiences that relate to this would be very helpful but I do have some related queries that we've found in testing for this.


          My colleague believes that there should be a registry key that we can change to tell agents to scan into the other server but we can't find this.  Is this option still there in version 8.8?  Rather than a full dns change we've tried amending the hosts file on test machines so the name of the original core server points to the IP address of the new core but this is still scanning in to the original core on login.  Is there another step to this that we've missed?  We haven't imported the original DB and we're now hoping to avoid having to do this if possible, we just want the agents to scan into a clean DB without having to redeploy agents to every machine.