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    Useful new Console.Exe.Config key for 7.4


      The following setting is very handy in 7.4 to see what console does as part of the upgrade when it is run for the first time , in particular the list of windows which are amended to  replaced prompted queries.


      <add key="LogMigration" value="true" />


      The file is created in the LANDesk ServiceDesk folder


      But do remember to remove it once done because if you don't, you are quite likely to get an internal error Unknown property EAI for class Attribute type if you don't

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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          Is this stored in the config file?


          I'm getting the EAI error on a freshly installed instance of 7.4.  If the code is not in the file how do I fix this?

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            My instance was quite specific and getting rid of the key in console.exe.config made the error go away, but there might be other ways of getting it.


            For example if you are on 2008 and have ftp'd or file transferred the installation files or patches, I've found that some of the files become untrusted.  There are other articles/comments from LANDesk on this and you get quite odd results.  The app appears to work in some ways, but then gives unusual errors.  So make sure all the DLLS are marked as safe (property of the file in explorer properties) as descibed in otehr articles.

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