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    Enable HTML Emails

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      I want to enable html email formatting but I can't seem to get to a good way of testing it without just clicking the button and hoping for the best. I've heard that if the notification isn't using html tags then line breaks will go wrong


      I have a dev environment but it's running on the live hardware on a separate database with separate TPS installs


      I don't have background services running on the dev server and it's a copy of the live database so it already has several hundred incidents running in it and I could do without it emailing everyone if I enable background services on it


      Really, I need to test the notification formatting one at time without all the existing escalations and assignment notifications getting in the way


      Any help appreciated



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          dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

          You could use the instance installer to create an extra set of services just for DEV?  Without that you are a bit stuck unless you are happy to just look at assignment messages.  For those you can write a query against the system message recipients object and in that add email address etc but put the body of the message into the preview pane of the query.  Do your assignments, run the query and copy/paste the body into a file called (say) test.html  Open this file in a browser and it will contain the same as the email that would have been sent.


          You could look at the incident reminder objects in the same way as  message recipients.  For most recent versions the text in there is also  deferenced, so the symbolics should have been turned into the text that  would have been sent.


          But I would recommend an extra instance as then it allows you to run background services and see the results of reminders, assignments and SLAs in one place.


          (While I remember ... with SLA messages they don't have the same fancy formatting features and depending on your version you may want to put in some {br} in the text when you turn HTML on.)

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            Like Dave said, you need spearate instances of the services running to test these emails going out, however background services won't send these emails it simply processes all the reminders etc ready for outbound mail to send them.


            First step would be to set up the second set of services for DEV, then start the background processing service ONLY to process all the existing emails ready for outbound then run a query on the message tables (System -> Message and System -> Message Recipients) and bulk delete all records in there. Once that is done, run a query against the user object and run a bulk action to update the Email Address field for each record and either blank it out or replace it with a test email account.


            Once you've done this there should be no pending messages to the real email addresses and any new ones generated should go to your test account. At this point you can turn on outbound mail to test your HTML emails.

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              Great. Thank you


              I've just found the instance installer docs as well


              Spot on