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    Formatting Report Templates in 7.4


      Hi Folks,


      Trying to use Report Templates more in WebDesk as they could be a great way of showing more info.


      The only problem I'm having is with table width formatting.


      For most reports I need to ensure that at least the first 2 columns are fixed width.


      The HTML in the example script includes <td rowspan="2" valign="top" width="32px"> but even this seems to be ignored when the page is rendered.


      Tried various tables, styles, maxes, divs etc but no joy.


      Has anyone managed to acheive this?


      Thanks - Adam.

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          Just an update.


          We never did find an easy way of setting fixed column widths in report templates.  The report seems to ignore span/div/td widths either as HTML or CSS.


          It also doesn't allow background images in tables (the old transparent gif trick).


          So we've created a table with 2 rows - the text is in the upper row and a transparent gif (sized to suit) is in the lower row for each column.  It makes each item a little wider but it does work...


          Just in case anyone else is playing around with this.  And please do post if you've found a better way! 


          Cheers - Adam.