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    Domain name change

    JesseCar Apprentice

      Hello All, our organization is changing our domain name and wanted to know if there was anyone who has gone through this? Our system is a basic 3 server system, with SQL, APP and  WEB boxes. I do not think the DB access would be an issue as I am connecting using a DB login. Now our OneTouch link does not use the FQDN when it is connecting so I think that will be OK as long as same server name, which are not changing. I do not see anything with the WEB server as well. If new DNS zone is correct I should be OK. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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          elizabethcombrink Expert

          Hi Jesse,


          We did the same and it was painfree.  I did not actually do the work, but this is what the guys did - it looks like the database was moved to a new cluster in the new domain, rather than just switch the whole db server. Anyway, these are the things you need to work through


          Pre-Migration Tasks
          • (I) In the new DNS zone add CNAME to divert requests to server in new domain.



          • (D) Copy databases (CE11 & ITBM) from old to new database server
          • (I) Remove servers (Landesk TPS and Crystal Enterprise) from old domain
          • (I) Reboot servers in their own workgroup
          • (I) Join to new domain
          • (I) Reboot ensuring all services auto start



          Updates on TPS Server

          •  Update db connection strings in main TPS that services and Console on the server connect to (tps.config)

          •  Confirm that Console on the TPS server starts up...

          •  Update db connection strings in all the other TPS that clients connect to (tps.config)
          •  Confirm that clients can access the app and have full functionality.

          •  Repoint the incident.rpt, change.rpt, note.rpt and changenote.rpt reports to point to new db


          Updates on Web (Service Portal Server)

          • Update db connection string and TPS to connect to in Service Portal config

          • Update crystal reports for printing on this server as on the TPS Server


          Crystal Enterprise

          • Update CE11 connection strings

          • Update all Enterprise reports to connect to new database

          - Installation Package Deployment via SCCM at later date using the FQDN to refer to the TPS.  The DNS and CNAME will forward all requests to the right server while clients and server are in multiple domains.

          - if you do any imports into Landesk, you need to update the connection strings in Data Import section


          I don't use OneTouch, so no advice there. But if your DNS is set up, then it should be fine I expect.


          It has been my experience going through a domain migration on all services that the best thing to do is to switch over all elements over to the new domain as one piece of work - do not leave a few bits that still depend on the old domain and the DNS forwarding between the domains. People forget to change that, and it falls apart when the domain is decommissioned.

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            JesseCar Apprentice

            Thanks Elizabeth, very helpful answer. I have not started it but will post my results after it is all said and done.


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              JesseCar Apprentice

              Well finally all is done. Went better than I thought, I am only talking about this application, whole migration was trying at times with all different areas we were doing. I ran through Elizabeth's list which was very detailed and also got input from support and it went fine. Find and replace was my friend for the config files both tps and services. Ran the tool to reset crystal reports to new credentials and just renamed old folder and copied over new folder that had the new settings. Email was a problem but not on LDSD side, it was something we were not told about Microsoft Cloud SMTP relay limitations to all user accounts that send emails. There is a max of 1500 per email account. Whole organizations was using one account, that ran out quick. Found solutions for that and running OK. Now since on a domain we don't have to have a script for client users to authenticate to reports folder for printing. For approver I have a work around until we get our new user information taking care of but all process still functioning, that is just due to new structure and not application. Import are going fine had to recreate some new ones for new environment as we have LANDesk Management Suite and that had to be moved over too. Once all is completed and information and users are cleaned up it will be business as usual. Probably missing some things that came up but nothing major. Thanks for all input given through forum and support. Now on to LDSD 7.4 upgrade.