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    Overseas OS deployment - best practices?

    jwood8 Apprentice

      Hi all,


      We currently run a LANDesk 9.1 server here in the UK from which we deploy our OS and applications. We have another office in Australia which also has a 9.1 server. Lastly, we have an office in Japan which does not have a LANDesk server but does have fileservers.


      I have been tasked with creating a deployment method for our Japanese machines. The idea for these is to be broadly the same as our UK machines, but with a few additional language options such as the MUI packages for XP and Office. It would make sense for all the packages to be deployed from the Japanese fileservers, but for the LANDesk management to be handled by the Australian server (as the link is faster between those sites) - all sound OK so far?


      My question is then, how do I go about configuring this setup, is there a best practice? Has anyone done similar who can offer advice or resources? How do I go about transferring our UK method to another server, is it just a case of copying the source files and the OSD scripts?





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          dgaines Apprentice

          I have created a single script that works at all of our sites.  All I had to do was replicate my image, install files and PXE rep  to the local server at the remote site.   The core server is local to our corporate office.  The people at the local site select the language of the image they need and the rest is automatic with out any intervention on our side.