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    HII Drivers From Preferred Server (Share)


      We have been on 9.0 SP2 for about the past three months and now that I am starting to get caught up I thought I would start to implement new features that were availabile with SP2. The piece I am working on implementing is for pulling the HII drivers from a preferred server instead of the core. I went through and tried to find some whitepapers on HII drivers on preferred servers, but had no luck. If anyone knows a location of some I would love to get a copy.


      So for the time being without any whitepapers I went ahead and attempted to set it up to my best of knowledge just knowing how preferred server usually work. The locations of the drivers are stored in the default location at \\**Core**\ldmain\landesk\files\drivers. I went ahead and made it a source and setup a share of LDMain on my preferred server. From there I replicated the drivers to the directory and the file stucture looks identical for the driver peice. I pointed the source directly at "\\**Core**\ldmain\landesk\files\drivers" so my first thought is maybe there are files a directory up or so that it may try to pull that I am not aware of for the driver pulling peice for HII. The final results I am running into is that it is not finding the files on the preferred server and it is pointing back at the core for the drivers and pulling from there.


      I have a feeling it may either be the share's name to what it is looking for on the preferred server, or it is missing some other files and it sees that those files are not there so it jumps back to the core before it even starts to look for the drivers inside the folder.


      Any thoughts?



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          Hi Tenletters,


          Did yout try to use the http share instead of UNC share to specify the drviers location when you reply your sources?

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            tenletters, did you get a working solution?


            The Batch file that I’m using and works looks a little like this….



            IPCONFIG.EXE | find /I "192.168.1."

            IF NOT "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="1" GOTO SITE1

            GOTO Subnet2


            :Subnet2 IPCONFIG.EXE | find /I "192.168.2."

            IF NOT "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="1" GOTO SITE2

            GOTO Subnet3


            :Subnet3 IPCONFIG.EXE | find /I "192.168.3."

            IF NOT "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="1" GOTO SITE3

            GOTO ERROR


            :SITE1 SET SERVER=\\SERVER1

            GOTO HII


            :SITE2 SET SERVER=\\SERVER2

            GOTO HII


            :SITE3 SET SERVER=\\SERVER3

            GOTO HII


            GOTO Error


            :HII net use w: %server%\HIIDrivers$ password /user:domain\username

            Start /wait x:\ldclient\hiiclient.exe /AutoDetect /ostype="Windows7" /uncpath=%SERVER%\hiidrivers$

            GOTO END




            • a share on preferred servers call hiidrivers$, I'm using Robocopy to replicate from the core on a schedule.

            • The account used to map the driver has permissions to hiidrivers$, HIIClient.exe needs to have it connection authenticated or you will end up with a bunch of empty folders in c:\windows\LDDriverStore.

            • hiiclient.exe has been moved to x:\ldclient\hiiclient.exe


            Took me much banging of head and time to get to a working solution, and I probably wouldn't have got there without snippets of information and testing from Jack Rotherham and billyc.  It's not pretty, but it works

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              Is there a solution for HII from preferred servers ?

              I can't use a batch for that, we have a lots of ip ranges

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                See this discussion here: http://forum.landesk.com/support/thread/6479?tstart=-78


                Prefmap.exe will allow the provisioning process to map to the most appropriate preferred server and pull down the necessary files. The documentation included in Jans zip is very comprehensive and should provide you with enough information to achieve your goal.

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                  Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee

                  While this might not help you immediately, there were problems with HII and preferred servers in LDMS 9 SP2. We fixed those issue in SP3 and now the download speed has been improved greately and preferred servers work for HTTP and UNC. You can find more information about this here:


                  Edit: Having problems with the link. The document number is: 24084


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                    I was actually in your Advanced Provisioning session at the conference heard this great news directly from you.

                    I am currently pilot using SP3 and rebuilding my HII driver repository. I  will be switching to SP3 within the next month to month and a half.  Can't wait. So far SP3 has done great and the speed difference with the  injection process for both XP and 7 is great in general (not even  accounting for the fact that the drivers are coming from a LAN source).