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    Change Management validate by mail approval


      I need to know if it is possible configure in "Change Process" to send a mail notification to validate this change by "group manager user" (this group manager user is not analyst and it can not access to native console or web console).


      The idea is that this "group manager user" validate the change via mail, responding the inicial notificacion from simple mail, without logging into LANDesk Service Desk.


      If it is possible, I need to know how it work and how I can configure this change process.


      Kind Regards.

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          Doing this purely by email isn't foolproof IMHO.  The person needs to be registered in LANDesk as a user along with their email address and then ideally you'd send them an email which contains a link they can click on that takes them to a web site.  If that isn't possible, then depending on your version, you might be able to get them to reply to an email sent out by the process and also modify the process to look at the text of the note added.  If the note contained the 'right' text, you could then take action.


          But people don't always enter the 'right' text in their emails :-)

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            thanks Dave,


            I am trying to configure this options with LDSD 7.3.2.


            All users are load into LDSD but they can not access to web console and I need to do that any users can validate the change management for their department.


            The idea is that there are any "key users" to validate the change. I want to configure de proccess to gerenate tasks or condition to send notificacion that can be response with any "text" or options to validate the change.


            Thanks a lot.

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              This would be easier with 74 as the interpretation of approval by a manager who is end user has been changed over 732.  Well really it's been clarified in some ways and relaxed in others.  But to be sure, I'd check with your account manager first.  You don't want to set up a system and then find you need a load more licenses to implement it.  Once you know where you are with that, I'd look at using emails to add notes via inbound email and then checking the contents of the notes for replies with specific text in it.  The key thing to check is to see what happens with your version in your environment when someone who isn't the raise user or an analyst sends a note to update a change.  Make sure that works in the way you expect with emails you expect before spending too much time.


              I'm curious as to why people don't have access to the web to do this.  I guess people want to approve while on the run and perhaps they don't have continuous access to a network.  If they did, mobile portal is a bit old fashioned, and limited (IMHO!) but might well do a perfectly good job just to approve on a thin network.