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    Tasks Closing when incident resolves

    Rogersh Apprentice

      Hi all,

      I have recently tried to implement a watch list, I have set it up based on an article I found on the community, I have amended the suggestions to suit the incident process that we currently use, however the task is automatically completing when the incident resolves meaning that the incident drops out of the watch list.


      Currently run a 2 step closure on our incidents, analysts resolve an incident, then 2 weeks later the system automatically closes the incident if it hasn't been unresolved.


      Is there a way I can ensure that when the incident resolves the watch list task stays active? I would like it to remain in the watch list until the incident is closed or removed manually.  The process I have for the tasks to do this seems ok, however as the tasks is automatically completing when the incident is resolved I am not 100% what has happened.


      Currently running on 7.3.2


      Any help would be really appreciated,


      Thanks, Hayley