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    Need help linking LDSD 7.4 with LDMS 9sp2


      LDSD and LDMS are new to our company (and to me) and things have been going relatively smoothly with development and testing of these systems. Many thanks to the good folks of the LANDesk community who's contributions have have helped me many times over the past several weeks!


      The hurdle I am at right now is that the documentation on how to link LDSD with LDMS is confusing to me. I was able to setup the connections easily enough in Desktop Manager, but when I go through the "Specifying the unique identifier for your remote objects" section in the Service Desk Desktop Integration documentation, I get totally lost. The documentation mentions a LANDesk Computer IDattribute that I can't find and something about doing it for PC's, Laptops, Servers and Workstations, which I am also not understanding. I am looking to implement the LDMS integration LANDesk talks up in their demo's and online propaganda and was hoping it would be a simple process. Is there a step-by-step for newbies or a best practices guide available? Or maybe somebody can clarify the next few steps for getting this integration going? Our LDSD setup is OOTB with a few tweaks here and there.


      Thanks in advance!