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    Unable to validate the current user with the database.




                      I am uasing Landesk 9 sp2 . I had to rename my core server from WINDOWS-6UAJ2Y0 to IHPSYSAM01 . So I reinstalled my core server also. But after that when i use my webconsole I get the error "Unable to validate the current user with the database." Below is the screenshot.



      I also see my Application event Log for Landesk Abstract Layer . I find some thing strange that "Request to get database connection string.
         WINDOWS-6UAJ2Y0 specified as core." in event log . I still dont know why its searching for my old server name when i already renamed my server to IHPSYSAMS01 . Below is the Event screen shot.





      Can some one please advise what I have to do?? Am I suppose to change anything in the IIS. Am I missing anything.