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    WAIK3 : boot.wim and bootmedia.wim

    v.taillet Apprentice



      We have a main core server (name X) with LD9.0 SP2, and WAIK2 (ver = 6.0), base installation done by LD expert.

      And a backup core server (name Y), exactly the same installation, but the pointed waik files are 3 (ver = 6.1).


      When i point to the waik 3 files on server Y, boot.wim and bootmedia.wim are generated.

      Unfortunatly, when i use the boot.wim on PXE server, I type "ver" on console -> the version is 6.0 (= vista version) and not 6.1 !


      How can I use WAIK3 files with LD 9.0 SP2 ?

      How LD can generate a boot.wim with WAIK2 although WAIK3 files are validated ?