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    do SYSTEM CONFIG steps run when not logged in?


      I've got a few machines that I started with provisioning templates before I left work yesterday; the templates were full windows 7 deployment types where the last steps were a REBOOT then running WinSAT.exe



      these machines got as far as the reboot and then failed to run WinSAT.exe.  When I logged onto them this morning they tried to reattach to the template and then timed out with: "no provisioning task is currently defined for this comp"uter...then asked me to provide credentials to reattach to the template.


      My questions are as follows:


      1)  does the provisioning agent only run while someone is logged into the computer?

      2)  if you need to reboot the machine one or more times during the system configuration phase of provisioning, how do you do it so that the provisioning agent will continue?



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          still unsure about the answer to question #2...


          however the answer to question #1 is a fat YES!




          I tested 3 machines with a provisioning task which had actions listed in the SYSTEM CONFIGURATION phase.


          The test conditions had two machines logged out but ON and the third had a user logged in.


          Upon running the provisioning task I saw it play out on the third machine and all was fine there, however the SCHEDULED TASK STATUS indicated that machine 3 had completed the task successfully and the other two were stuck in DELAYED.  Next I logged into machine #2 and observed the provisioning task kick off and its status became reported in the SUCCESSFUL section leaving the #1 stuck in DELAYED.



          Does anyone know how to force the provisioning agent to launch on the target computer without having the user logged in?



          I save much of my maintenance for the end of the day when all of my computers are turned on and most folks have left the building.  I need to be able to run provisioning tasks agains my computers for maintenance and then I want to shut them down afterward.  Right now it appears that I can't do this because almost all of my machines will be stuck in a DELAYED state.


          Again, how can I work around this and force provisioning to run without having to have a user account logged into the computer?   I suspect this has something to do with POLICY types but I'm not familiar with those enough to comment on how they might affect the tasks.