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    Trying to run batch script to see if service is running and install msi


      Let me clarify a little.  I want to see if outlook.exe is running and if it is not to install msi....If the service is not running then install msi.


      This is my command:


      tasklist |find /i "outlook.exe">nul 
      If errorlevel 1 goto NORUNNING

      REM no installation of your software
      set exitcode=1
      goto END



      REM Intallation of your software...
      outlook_integration_application.msi /i /norestart /quiet REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vomus
      If erroflevel 1 set exitcode=0

      goto END

      exit %exitcode%


      The problem is with the msi.  When I run it the top part of the batch file works, but comes up with a windows installer message.  It doesn't like a switch.  I can run outlook_integration_application.msi /i /norestart /quiet REINSTALL=ALL  REINSTALLMODE=vomus through an msi package just fine.



      Chad Loevinger