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    Query for a specific directory


      Hey guys,


      I feel pretty stupid asking this question, but here goes.


      I have been given the task to deploy a patch to software specific machines.  I want to search for a specific directory because I know that if this directory exists, then that machine will need the patch/package.


      For the life of me, I can't get this to work.  I keep showing "no results" after my query is run.



      My query is as follows:




      The thing is, I know I haven't typed the path name wrong, because I copied it straight out of Windows Explorer.  Second, when I have "display scanned values" checked in my query properties, the path I'm looking for doesn't show up.  I know it exists because everyone running this software should have that directory.


      At this point, I'm just completely lost.  I don't understand why this won't work.  I'm open for any suggestions, fellas!


      Thanks in advance,



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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          Fro grins, open the inventory of a system you know has what tiy are looking for, find it there, copy the path.


          You have to point to an .exe or similar, something that shows in LANDesk, not just the folder


          I just did this as a test, it worked for me

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            Thanks for the response James!


            As far as copying the directory, I did that.  My machine has the directory/file name I'm looking for.  I even tried using all caps like the original query.


            I figured out what the problem was.  We didn't scan far enough into the directory I was trying to query.


            I needed to go about 4 folders deep into the directory, but we stop scanning at the second level.  I can understand why; we have close to 4000 machines and each directory has about 10-15 subdirectories with another 10-15 files/scripts in each.  I think it would be pretty burdensome to scan for every file on every machine.


            I found a premade query that one of our LANDesk experts in the company had already made and used that.


            It sucks that I can't search specifically for the file I'm trying to replace.

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              Guys, it's official, I'm an idiot. 


              I realized I was telling the IP address part of my query that I wanted "address" = x.x instead of saying "address" = x.x.x.*


              In a sense, I think I was telling LANDesk to look for a two octet IP address...no wonder I couldn't return any results.